Hydra, Greece

Hydra – the island of sailors

The Hydriots once became famous as bold seafarers who broke through the Napoleonic naval blockade and fought against Turkish rule. Proud captain’s houses and manor houses still tell of this time today.

The island of sailors was then forgotten for a long time until it became a source of inspiration for artists such as Elisabeth Taylor, Henry Miller, Peter Ustinov and Maria Callas in the 1950s. Attracted by the barren, rocky mountains and the picturesque play of colors of sun and sea, Hydra is still an ideal place for a creative vacation or for anyone who just wants to unwind more than 50 years later. Incidentally, you won’t find any cars or motorcycles here. Donkeys and water cabs are the main means of transportation on the island.

A water cab will also take you to the beautiful Hydra Erato Villa. The quiet, small apartment house with its own beach is located directly on the coast and offers a fantastic view and space for 4 or 6 people. The two apartments not only have modern facilities with air conditioning, WiFi and satellite TV, but also that very special something that only exists on Hydra. The ancient seafarers already knew this.