Havelland, Germany

The Havel – the travel destination with floating vacation homes

This is where coziness meets adventure! The so-called BunBose – short for bungalow boats – offer space for 4 to 6 people. Even without a driver’s license, you can drive such a BunBo on site after just a short briefing. Explore the Havelland, one of the most beautiful and diverse water sports areas, in this extraordinary way. The Havel covers almost 150 km from the northwest of Berlin to its mouth in the Elbe near Havelberg. Its course is characterized by large chains of lakes, numerous river loops and islands. Small, sleepy villages and a vast lowland landscape are also typical of the land by the river. For example, you can stay overnight in one of the many small harbors – usually with a cozy restaurant nearby. Or you can spend the night in one of the countless quiet bays along your route.

The colorful BunBos are fully equipped with everything your heart desires – even a wood-burning stove. There is space for your entire crew on the covered terrace and a fireplace offers the opportunity for campfire romance in the evening. The stove, fridge and hot water system run on gas, the lighting on 12V energy-saving lamps. The 12V battery is charged by the motor and a solar cell on the roof. A maximum of 70 watts can be drawn from the 12V plug. A free inverter also provides 220V to charge your cell phone or laptop.

The fuel supply is sufficient for about 40 hours of driving. The tank has a capacity of 25 liters. There are also two spare 20-liter canisters on board. Incidentally, a winter tour is also attractive, giving you a completely different impression of the Brandenburg districts. Overall, the BunBos are well insulated and with the wood-burning stove on board you will experience the coziness of a cabin in the mountains – only on the water.